Elect Kimberly A Schjang for Nevada State Senate District 7


As a native Las Vegan, UNLV graduate and District 7 citizen, I have grown up, studied alongside and worked with many others who have seen a need for change in this district. From the constant construction on cracked roads to the public transportation system that has failed both drivers and riders to rising costs of tuition and books that skyrocket loans that we cannot get employed fast enough to pay and the next thing you know you have graduated and most of your life has flown by and you may not have gotten the chance to enjoy it! If this sounds like your life or you do not want it to be your life, make your voice heard by casting your vote for me!

Together we will:

  • Make transportation more efficient, whether your chosen path is walking, biking, driving or taking the bus.
  • Increase school choice and flexibility, and give teachers their classrooms back.
  • Lower taxes and fees on Nevada businesses, making the things you buy less expensive.

Elect Kimberly Schjang, and let’s make District 7 work for you!


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